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Youth Sunday School Class 6-9 yrs

Leader: Jackie Marbutt

I had the chance to visit Ms. Jackies Sunday School class and they blessed my socks off!  Ms. Jackie was being assisted by Dakota Coulter and it's plain to see that Dakota is on his way to being a teacher of God's Word as well.  At the end of the lesson, Ms. Jackie asked if any of the kids would like to say the Lord's Prayer and I was truly blessed as one of the girls recited it.  Jackie has been teaching these 6-9 year olds the Lords Prayer because Jesus gave it to us as a pattern of how to pray and if Jesus said this prayer, it is important for us to learn it.  I was very impressed with what these kids were learning in her class.  Thank you, Jackie, for giving of your time and talents to these kids and making a difference in their lives.  Thanks to you, Dakota, as well.  I'm sure God is smiling down on your life.  God Bless you both!