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Last night I took a journey
to a land across the seas.
I didn't go by ship or plane - 
I  traveled on my knees.

I saw so many people there
in bondage to their sin,
and Jesus told me I shoud go,
that there were souls to win.

But I said, "Jesus, I can't go
to lands across the seas."
He answered quickly, "Yes you can -
by traveling on your knees."

He said, "You pray, I'll meet the need.
You call, and I will hear.
It's up to you to be concerned
for lost souls far and near."

And so I did, I knelt in prayer.
Gave up some hours of ease,
and with the Savior by my side
I traveled on my knees.

As I prayed on, I saw souls saved
and twisted persons healed.
I saw God's workers' strength renewed
while laboring on the field.

I said, "Yes, Lord, I'll take the job,
your heart I want to please.
I'll heed your call and swiftly go
by traveling on my knees."