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The Cull

~ As they looked over the string one pony stood out.....

 Not because of his strengths, he was anything but stout

 The cowboys began to joke about his size and build

 One said, his not worth a bullet or he would be killed


 Then He come riding up, the cowboy all knew as J C

 Said my Father sent me, to have a look and see

 We’re going to gather our herd, need some strong mounts

 Ones that will not weaken, when it really counts


 I’m not looking for papers or even their blood line

 Just need to find the ones; that can hold a fighter on a twine

 As he looked them over said I’m looking at their heart

 Then He pointed and said that’s where I’ll start


The cowboys all looked to see which pony had chose

 Then all around the pen, noise and laughter arose

 They could not believe, it was the cull that He was pointing at

 As He pushed back, His spotless white cowboy hat


 Now boys you can laugh, but he’s the best horse in this herd

 He will be a champ, trust me take my word

 So they cut the cull from the herd, laughing all the way

 Then J C rode over, to find out the price he would pay


 One of them asked, what will you give for this here cull

 J C sat there in the saddle, as in His mind he did mull

 Then he stepped off His horse that was colored blood red

 This horse, was a beauty, strong and well bred

 He said I’ll trade you straight up, the cull for this here stud


 My Father sent me for the cull and I’ll pay for him in blood


By Brad Curtis


But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. Romans 5:8