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Pastor Randy Found a Dog

Pastor Randy found a dog

She met him as a stray.

His heart filled with compassion

Could not turn her away.

She was a little cutie

With a tail that liked to curl.

She could not wag it back and forth

Instead, it kind of twirled.

When he had to catch her

She ran fast as the wind.

The largest steer he’d ever roped

Was easier to pin.

He knew he had to catch her

To take her to the vet.

She had to have her shots and such

If she became his pet.

He finally caught her in a cage

Against her own free will.

She had no understanding of

Hands that reach to heal.

Perhaps because she was so small

She learned to watch her back,

From cruel hands which had abused

Or dogs which could attack.

But Sunday was the special day

She paid us all a visit.

The people said, “She aint my dog.”

“Well, if she’s not yours whose is it?”

The pastor sort of cringed a bit

But most of us just smiled

As she pranced down the carpet

In the middle aisle.

She gladly stepped up on the stage

To greet her gentle Master.

He wanted so to take her home

But he knew he couldn’t catch her!

So there she stood upon the stage

Before the congregation.

Waiting her turn to share her message

And its interpretation.

Then Pastor Randy heard the LORD

Whisper very clear,

“Much of you were just like her

Before you’d let Me near.

You needed to be cared for

With a place to call a home.

Your hurting pain would go away

By My touch alone.

When I drew close to hold you

You quickly ran away.

You would not let Me help you

Or take your pain each day.

The grief of all the past abuse

Had taken a grim toll.

It took some time to learn to trust

The One who saves the soul.”

The church was strangely quiet.

The message did not falter.

I kid you not, she made us think

When she bowed down at the altar!

She left the church delighted

As she twirled her little tail home.

Her friends asked about the sermon…

She said, “He preached on bones!”

When we left the service

We hated for it to end.

The little dog reminded us

That GOD is man’s best friend.

By Rhonda Keith

In memory of our Sunday service on 02-19-2012

THANKS, Sandy, Randy, Teddy, and Dog with Curly Tail J