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Military Ministry

Leader: Dick Lermon


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Dick Lermon's heart for our service men and women was shown to our congregation in such a special way when he had a group of our teenagers "stand in" for them a few Sundays ago.  As they held up each one's picture and told a little of their story, our hearts were truly touched.  His desire is that we at Cowboy Church show them and their families our support by  earnestly praying for them and that we reach out to them by writing letters, sending cards and boxes filled with some of the comforts of home to show them our love.    I have posted a complete list of our service men and women on the website's "info" page.  Please go over it and pray for some of them by name each day as well as for their families.  Dick is featuring two service men or women each month and their pictures are in the foyer of the church and hopefully I will be able to feature them on the "info" page as well in the near future.  Thank you, Dick, for showing God's love so freely to those brave men and women who are serving and protecting our country.